Where it all started

Happy to be called Tom or TC... mainly known as Tomo!

Since high school (class of 2007) I've had a great interest in computing/IT. So from then right through college I had been studying all aspects of computing from web design to hardware solving.

I proudly graduated in 2013 with a UEA BSc (Hons) Degree in Business and Computing.

After graduation, I was immediate in searching for work in the IT sector; more specifically as an IT engineer. I gained valuable work experience as well as a part-time post at Iceni Academy [local high school] in which I gained a vast amount of knowledge for 2 and a half years... and a lot of friends also!


It was the beginning of 2016 which I applied for a full-time post at outstanding Notre Dame High School as an IT engineer which was offered to me. I had gained an immense amount of further IT knowledge and experience and I very much enjoyed helping people and putting smiles on their faces fixing their computing issues!


As of September 2019 I am an IT technician for Norfolk County Council and this is vastly expanding my IT knowledge further which is great. from dealing with local councillors and supporting our key social workers to visiting various Norfolk sites to resolve issues I am currently enjoying the role immensely!


From 2013 to present, I have been helping friends, family, local organisations and others through word of mouth with either PC issues or website designing. I enjoy either at a great deal and I aim to resolve or commit to a project as fast and efficient as possible!

It's not all about IT...

Fitness fanatic is often the term I am referred to when I am not repairing a PC or at a designing stage. I love my football and running and always want to stay fit all year round. I currently play for Rockland Utd F.C. and I have created a website for the club in which I monitor and update as well: (www.rocklandunitedfc.uk). I am also secretary for the club and have been a 'Rocklander' for 12+ years now.


I enjoy running 10k and half marathon events throughout the year come rain or shine! Most recent include Run Norwich 10k, Only the Brave and Thompson 10k and a half marathon due in November 2020!


I also enjoy other sports including tennis and badminton and it's not all about the fitness as I also love watching films and TV shows.


Get to know me...

iI like to be completely honest with whoever I meet  which includes customers! It's not quite an autobiography, but I'm happy to share my expertise and show you how out-going I am to hopefully gain your trust

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